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Who is Vegeta ?

Who is Vegeta ?

Vegeta is the prince of the Saiya , the eldest son of King Vegeta. Vegeta married Bulma and had two children, Trunks and Bura. Besides Son Goku, Son Gohan and Piccolo, Vegeta is also one of the most prominent characters in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super.


Who is vegeta

Vegeta is not tall but only has a thin body and average height, hair is always upright. Like most other Saiyans, Vegeta has a black hair and is never long; eyes are also black.


As the proud prince of the Saiyan, Vegeta is extravagant, cold, and arrogant. He and his father Vegeta, along with the Frieza, dominate the entire galaxy, 307.

vegeta blue

However, Freiza then countered, and the entire Saiyan clan fell into his hands. At that time, Vegeta was too young, he was forced to follow Frieza's orders, to expedition the most distant galaxies in the galaxy.

He loves Saiyan's planet and has anger with the one who destroyed it, but Vegeta has to "swallow" his anger, accept that sentiment, and work hard to become a Saiyan warrior, wishing to one day be able to recapture Saiyan from the hands of Frieza.

Vegeta vs frieza

It can be said that Vegeta became a villain just because he loved his country so much.

Initially, Vegeta and two surviving members of the Saiyan clan Nappa and Raditz have occupied Earth to restore the force, but failed miserably before Son Goku.

After the war against Frieza on the planet Namek, Vegeta eliminates hatred, hard works to beat Goku.


vegeta vs goku

Vegeta is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super; and is always compared to Goku's power.

From the very beginning, according to the standards of the first-class warrior, the prince of the blood royal family Vegeta proved himself to possess extraordinary power. He  is rated more powerful than his father with a power rating of over 10,000.

As he grew up, Vegeta came to Earth, his strength reaching 18,000, over Nappa, who proudly claimed to be the strongest Saiyan.

In a fight with Goku, Vegeta makes Goku power up three times to defeat him.

Even in failures at the hands of Goku, Vegeta has shown incredible resilience, battling against Earth defenders and even battling the Great Ape Gohan alone.

In Super Dragon Ball, Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan battling Beerus and easily defeats the god of destruction.

vegeta vs berrus

Vegeta and Goku continued to practice with Whis on Beerus' planet for six months. During this time, Goku acknowledges that Vegeta's powers may have surpassed him.

However, in the end, Cadic also admitted Goku stronger than himself. He realized: " Perhaps the anger has blinded us to the truth for so long, now that we have seen it, and today I am so clear to you that you are so much stronger than me”

Along with Songoku, Vegeta is the most popular and popular character of Dragon Ball. Even so, many of the fans of this series love Vegeta more than Goku, claiming that the character is more elaborate and realistic than the protagonist because Goku is so flawless.

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