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What is Saiyan Beyond God ?

What is Saiyan Beyond God ?

Saiyan Beyond God is the state when the Saiyans master Super Saiyan God can use this power without transformation.

Use and strength

Saiyan Beyond God is not necessarily a change of appearance (hair color, muscularity, etc.). It is simply when a Saiyan has mastered Super Saiyan God that it is possible to use the power of "god" without changing completely. Then apply it to its basic state and Super Saiyan.

On the surface, we do not notice any difference from the basic state except for the constant presence of light white during a combat.

Goku - Saiyan Beyond God

This status may have appeared from the movie "Battle of Gods", when Super Saiyan God is gone but Goku has retained its power in person and continue to fight with the destroyer Beerus. As for Vegeta, he practiced with Whis for a long time on the planet of Beerus and gained the power of the gods. And until Goku and Vegeta's fight with Frieza in the manga and the movie Resurrection 'F' and in the Dragon Ball Super anime later, everything related to Saiyan Beyond God becomes clearer.

However, this state has a point to be aware of, although using the power of the gods, it still exists the Ki (can sense) - something that does not exist in a real god.

Related issues

What is the relationship between Super Saiyan God, Saiyan Beyond God and Super Saiyan Blue (or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan)? Let's just explain it.

Goku God

Super Saiyan God, a level achieved by a ritual combining the power of the five Saiyans with pure hearts. Its power is superior, possessing the Ki of god - can not be felt in the usual way. Excellent power dissipation, low wear resistance and self-healing.

Saiyan Beyond God, as we know it, uses the power of god in a basic, convenient state, demonstrating that the user controls Ki optimally, does not wear out too much. However, both Goku and Vegeta have now returned to Super Saiyan God.

Saiyan Beyond God goku vegeta blue

Super Saiyan Blue, when Saiyan is Saiyan Beyond God transforms into Super Saiyan, it becomes Super Saiyan Blue. The speed, power superior to the Super Saiyan God, but wear out very strong durability, requires excellent control of energy and accuracy.

In the beginning, it has side effects: the strength will not be maximized if used repeatedly for a short time and the user quickly gets exhausted. However, both Goku and Vegeta have already perfected it, and the weaknesses have been resolved relatively well.

In summary, when a Saiyan uses the power of Super Saiyan God in its basic state, we have Saiyan Beyond God. When Saiyan Beyond God transforms into Super Saiyan, we get Super Saiyan Blue.

You probably do not know

Although it appears in both movies, manga and anime, this status is only named in Dragon Ball Heroes.

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